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The Truth About Prescription Drugs

What Every American Should Know About Prescription Drugs

I am not going to tell you all types of statistics about prescription drugs because most of the reports and studies did are skewed in one way or another to benefit whoever is funding the research. Prescription drug companies make billions of dollars and help make lawyers millions of dollars. They also make sick people rich on a regular basis after they make them sick.

You can get a drug for nearly anything, but if you watch the commercials and you really ready what they are giving you it is easy to figure out how harmful the drugs are. Sure you can take a drug that will cure one thing, but you are at risk of getting 15 other things if you take it. Most of the side effects are worse than what the drug cures.

Take Accutane for example, if you take it you can get rid of your acne, but you can also get a few very harmful side effects including the potential for death. So in order to get rid of your acne, you have to take a drug that could kill you. Don’t you think there is a better way? I do and I know there is a better way.

What Prescription Drug Companies Want you to Think

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The prescription drug companies are much like the oil companies. They buy up patents for drugs so they don’t end up being prescribed. Some of these are very helpful drugs with very few side effects. The problem is if you take these drugs you will only need them for a short amount of time. This takes money out of the pockets of these big companies.

They would rather you get hooked on a drug you have to take every day than take something helpful for you. This is how they stay rich and keep us sick. Instead of giving you what you really need they give you something they can make a huge profit off of. If it harms you, guess what, they have drugs to help you with whatever it caused as well.

It is much cheaper for a big pharmaceutical company to put a drug on the market that is not safe and deal with a few lawsuits later than to spend the money to adequately test it. This is the scam they are running and most doctors have simply become drug dealers getting rich along with these companies.

Of course, the government had their hands in it all as well and that is the major reason we cannot get national health care in this country. Do you really think doctors are going to take a pay cut? It is all a scam all the way from the top down to the doctor you call your “family doctor” Most drugs are very harmful and unnecessary, but our doctors continue to prescribe them.

There is a better way and you can stand up with me and tell the doctors and big pharmaceutical companies to stick it! Instead of just believing what your doctor tells and getting your prescription filled you should look into all of your options.

An Alternative to Prescription Drugs

You can stick with the drugs your doctor gives you or you can take a stand and get something that will actually be good for your body. Before prescription drugs were even available there were many natural remedies that worked great for healing different things. These come along with no side effects unless you are allergic for some reason and they are very good for your body.

Doctors will not tell you about these because they don’t get paid if you get a natural cure for your body. Instead, they keep giving you drugs and they keep collecting their kickbacks. You need to make sure you get the right treatment for you and if you want to keep from gaining health problems it is best if you at least look into the possibility of herbal remedies.