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Budget Cooking The Healthy Way

The Top Tips for Cooking Great Food on a Slim Budget

One of the biggest problems we run into is eating healthy when we cannot afford some of the best foods for our bodies. Let’s face it eating healthy, for whatever reason, is much more expensive than eating foods that are not good for our bodies. You can spend much less and buy frozen meals full of preservatives and added ingredients that are bad for your body.

There are, however, ways to cook healthy meals on a budget and really use food as the fuel for your body. If you follow the tips you are about to get below you can cook many very healthy meals for a very low cost. It will take just a little commitment from you and your new cooking style can help to support your body in a much healthier way.

7 Great Tips for Healthy Cooking on a Romaine Noodle Budget

1. Off Brand and Store Brand

Many people don’t realize that the store brand or the off brand is just as good as the name brand. The only real difference is they don’t spend millions of dollars on marketing. If you are on a tight budget look at the ingredients in the name brand compared to the off brand and you will see they are nearly the same.

2. Cook for More than One

A great way to save money when you are cooking is to cook much more than you need just for one meal. Then, freeze the leftovers in one portion sizes for later. You can do this with soups, sauces, rice, and many other foods. This will help you to have a quick meal ready to go that is healthy and since you make a larger portion to begin with it will cost you much less.

3. Buy Family Size Meat Packages

Sure it is more expensive up front to buy the larger packages of meats, but with freezer bags you can portion these out and freeze them individually. Usually stores offer a discount for bulk items and it can save you in the long run if you buy your boneless, skinless chicken in the larger package instead of the small package.

4. Farmer’s Markets

If you want to add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet, but you cannot really afford them at the grocery store, then head down to the farmer’s market closest to you. With only $10 you can pick out a nice amount of great vegetable that are actually better than what you get in the stores. They are usually locally grown and fresh.

5. Cut Coupons

Coupons can be a great way to save money on groceries. Nearly everybody gets a set of ads in the mail once or twice a week and these always have good coupons you can use. Also, if you join the rewards programs at grocery stores you will get coupons in the mail to help you save money.

6. Frozen Green Vegetables

By adding frozen green vegetables to your grocery list you can get the nutrients you need at very low prices. Many store brands of these are under $1 a bag and that is about 4 servings for one person. You don’t have to cook the entire bag and these are great to add into stir-fry meals with meat, rice and a little citrus juice.

7. Healthy Rice

Another great item to add to your grocery list is the healthy rice you can find for very cheap. Brown rice and long grain rice are full of nutrients and you can get enough for an entire month for under $2. This is a great addition to many meals and cooking with rice is very easy.

A Few Final Thoughts about Cooking on a Tight Budget

When you are not cooking for an entire family and you are just cooking for yourself it can be very difficult to eat good foods for a very low price. Many individuals are afraid to buy a large package of meat because they are only one person. The best thing you can do is invest in freezer bags and low sodium marinades.

These are not very expensive and with a little bit of marinade in with your piece of chicken, pork chop, or piece of fish you can have a great tasting and tender meal ready for you whenever you are ready. Simply freeze them individually, or if you are cooking for two freeze them in pairs, with the marinade, then pull one out a few days before you are ready for it and let it thaw in the fridge.

When you go to cook it you can bake it in the oven, add a few fresh or frozen vegetables, or you can cook it up as a stir-fry. Either way you will have a great tasting and healthy meal without all that much work.