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Control Your Sugar Craving for Better Fat Loss

Want to Lose Weight? Control your Sugar Craving

If you love sweets, then one very quick way to lose weight, especially fat, is to control your sugar craving. This is not always an easy thing for most to do as sweets are delicious and I can even say I love sweets myself. However, it can be done and you don’t have to completely give up those scrumptious treats that call for you every single time you are in the grocery store.

7 Great Ways to Control your Sugar Craving

1. Give yourself a Treat

This may seem very silly since you are trying to learn how to control your sugar craving, but if you give yourself a small treat every night, then you have something to look forward to. Now when I say a small treat I don’t mean a snack cake or something like that. The best two choices are to eat one square of dark chocolate (73% cacao or more) or to have one small scoop of natural vanilla ice cream.

This is enough to help you control your sugar craving while getting just a bit of sweet in your life. Just a taste is usually enough and dark chocolate is actually known to be very good for you. It may take a few days to get used to the flavor, but most people that get used to it will prefer the healthier dark chocolate over the sugar filled milk chocolate.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to help control your sugar craving. Your body will have a higher level of serotonin and this will help to keep you from needing the sugar.

3. Replace Sugar with Other Foods

If you know you typically have a candy bar with lunch or you have something sweet with dinner, and then replace it with something else. A good piece of fruit or your favorite vegetable is a great way to replace any sugary snack.

4. Keep it out of the House

The biggest reason people cannot gain control over their sugar craving is they buy sugary snacks. If you eliminate these from your home and force yourself to have to go out of the house to get a sugary snack you will be less likely to eat these foods.

5. Think Positively

It can be hard to get over this type of craving and it is nearly an addiction for some people. Whenever you start to feel the need to eat a sugary snack tell yourself you don’t need it and start to fill your mind with other delicious foods that are good for you.

6. Have cut Vegetables on Hand

Another great way to control your sugar craving is to have some cut vegetables ready to go. If you feel the craving coming on grabbing a celery stick or some carrots can give you something to munch on until the craving passes.

7. Keep a Food Journal

Half the battle (and not from GI Joe) is to know when the cravings hit. If you write down every single time you feel the need to fill your body with sugary snacks, then you will become aware of this. This alone can help you fight of the cravings and is very powerful.

Losing Weight When you Control your Sugar Craving

Many people are tricked into believing fatty foods are what cause them to gain weight or not be able to lose weight. Sure these are not great for you, but the real reason many people gain weight and cannot lose weight is due to the sugary foods they intake. This includes soda and this is one of the leading causes of obesity.

Soda is very dangerous because they trick you into switching to diet soda because it has no sugar or calories. However, the artificial sweeteners will actually make you crave sugar more. If you avoid soda all together and you avoid sugary snacks as much as you can you will lose weight.

Sugar becomes fat on our bodies if we don’t burn it off and most people that eat a lot of sugar never burn it all off. Sure it is fine to have a little here and there, but you don’t want to be eating sugar all day long. It ruins your energy level, which is another reason why if you control your sugar craving you can lose weight.