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How to Treat Acne – The Most Common Remedies

How to Treat Acne – Over The Counter Choices

Most of the time when you want to know how to treat acne you turn to something you can buy at a local drugstore. This is usually due to the convenience of getting the actual product and using it right away. However, these treatments are not always the best for your skin or for the actual treatment of acne.

Over the counter, treatments tend to dry out the skin and can cause scarring. They have many active ingredients that are chemicals and this can harm your skin. Why would you want to put a product on your skin that will cause a hole in your clothing if it is accidentally put on your shirt or pants? It seems that this would not be a very good way for how to treat acne.

Some of these products do work for minor acne and will do the trick, but if you are suffering from severe acne you want to get a treatment that will actually work properly for you. This is not going to be found at any drugstore and may not be available without searching the internet or seeing your doctor.

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How to Treat Acne – Prescription Choices

Now that you know the best way for how to treat acne is not by using an over the counter product full of chemical it is time to discuss what your doctor will do for you. Dermatologists will often tell you the best they can do it help you get your acne under control. This is because they are usually going to prescribe medications that are just stronger versions of what you can buy in a store.

All you are getting is a higher concentration of harmful chemicals to put on your face and body. This is not a good way to go if you want to avoid harmful side effects like burning, itching, scarring, redness, and even peeling of your skin. You are better off with no treatment than some of the prescriptions you can get from a dermatologist.

One of the best treatments, according to doctors, is Accutane. However, it has been linked to birth defects, Crohn’s disease, Inflammatory Bowel disease, severe depression, liver damage, headaches, hair loss, brittle nails, irregular and heavy periods, diarrhea, severe skin dryness, eczema, fatigue, and even acne flare-ups.

So, in other words, you can take Accutane to cure your acne, but you may end up with a horrible disease or many of the other side effects. This is the problem with chemical drugs our doctors don’t do a very good job of informing us of what can happen. The major issues are most of these side effects don’t show up till years later.

How to Treat Acne – Naturally and Safely

Many natural remedies for how to treat acne are much safer than over the counter and prescription drugs. You can use things like witch hazel, honey, tea tree oil, and other natural herbs to help with your acne. There are even some formulas that can help you get rid of it for good without leaving any scarring behind.

The best choice for your acne treatment is a product that is proven to work and is also natural. The last thing you need is more side effects to go along with your acne. You can treat acne naturally and this is the best way for how to treat acne.

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