5 Tips to Help Build Muscle Fast

Build Muscle Fast with Proper Training

The number one reason most men never figure out how to build muscle fast is they spend too much time trying to find the right supplement instead of looking into training. Sure a supplement can help your body produce larger muscles faster, but it will not work if the base is not already there. Training your muscles is vitally important and you must start with training as your base.

There are many ways to train and it all depends on whether you are just trying to add bulk or if you are trying to add bulk and strength. If you want to add bulk only, then you want to lift the heaviest weights you can the least amount of times. Adding strength along with bulk requires lifting weights a little lighter with a repetition range of 8 to 12 per set.

build muscle fast

The Top 5 Tips to Build Muscle Fast

1. One Muscle Group Per Day

If you want to build muscle fast you only want to concentrate on one major muscle group per day. This could be your chest, back, legs, or arms, but you only want to work these groups of muscles one at a time. This will give you the ability to put more time into the muscle group and build it up much faster.

2. 48 hours of Recovery

Recovery is more important than training because this is when our muscles grow. If you don’t allow enough time for your muscle to fix the small tears you create when working out, then you are wasting your workouts. Always allow at least 48 hours in between working for the same muscle group. For example, if you work your chest on Monday don’t work it again until at least Thursday.

3. Protein

Of course, your body needs protein and this is the major building block for your muscles to recover faster and better. You have to pack your diet full of protein-rich foods like fish and eggs. If you don’t get enough protein you will hamper your ability to repair your muscles and add mass to your body.

4. Calories

Since you are trying to put on mass and build muscle fast you need plenty of calories. These provide your body with energy and they will give you the necessary fat to burn while you are working your muscles. The more calories you can pack into your day the more you will be working with when you workout.

5. Supplements

Now that we have touched on training, recovery, and diet it is time to get into the one thing that will push you over the edge. If you want to build muscle fast it must first start with training and diet, but adding a top of the line supplement can make a world of difference. There are many good choices out there to help you build muscle, but the best still remains to be creatine monohydrate.

The Two Supplements you Must Have to Build Muscle Fast

There are two very popular choices among both athletes and bodybuilders that will give you the energy and the ability to build muscle fast. These are a protein supplement and creatine monohydrate. Creatine cannot do much for you if you don’t have enough protein, so adding both supplements to your daily diet is important.

Creatine will give you the energy you need to power through your workouts with more strength and it will help to use the protein you consume to lessen the amount of time it takes you to recover. This will allow you to work your muscles harder and more often resulting in a way to build muscle fast.

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