What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

The Methods that are NOT the Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is simply not going to be found with a fad diet, a magic pill, or with surgery. Surgery and prescription pills are for desperate people that have gotten to a very unhealthy point. If you are still able to move, then you don’t need to use an expensive and risky surgery or pill to help you lose weight.

Fad diets are a horrible choice and they are more about marketing the product to you than actually giving you a method that works. You need to know what the best way to lose weight is and it has nothing to do with any of the methods that seem way too good to be true.

best way to lose weight

The Best Way to Lose Weight Period!

The best way to lose weight is simply with proper diet and exercise. This is something nobody wants to hear, but it is very true. If your diet is balanced with the right nutrients and you exercise enough you will lose weight. Most people that are trying to lose weight or actually need to lose weight can find the problems within their diet.

A natural diet is the best way to go and sometimes you do need a few supplements to help with this. We will get to those a bit later, but for now, let me explain what having a natural diet means.

In our world, we can buy products in a can, bag, box, frozen, or fresh. Fresh is always best and frozen is the next best choice. These are the forms that contain the most nutrients and anything that is not processed is best. This does not mean you have to only shop in the organic section or you are not allowed to have anything you like.

This does mean you should avoid anything processed. It is best to go with fresh vegetables and fruits because they are better for you than anything from a can. Nuts, yogurt, cheese, lean meats, and seafood are also very good for you. If you love sushi, then you are on the right track because this is a very good source of protein and many other minerals.

You can still have a few sweet things and things that are not so good for you, but you have to keep this to a very small amount. Instead of eating a huge slice of cake, go with a smaller piece and stop. Sweets, especially refined sugar, are the worst thing you can put in your body because they turn into fat and they will make you crave more of them.

You can substitute things like fresh berries, dark and natural chocolate, celery with peanut butter, or natural vanilla ice cream. These can all help you with your cravings and the more you avoid refined sugars the less your body will crave it.

Track what you eat for an entire week and you will have a great starting point. You want to pay attention to calories, sugar, sodium, fat, and protein. These are the main things you are probably going to want to adjust. Once you know how many calories you are taking in on a daily and weekly basis you can start making adjustments.

Here is an example of what you can do:

If you find you are taking in 2,000 calories a day and you want to lose 10 pounds, then cut your diet down to 1,750 calories a day. This is not a huge adjustment, but it is enough to help you shed a pound or two each week, which is healthy. You are not going to lose the weight in a day or two, but it will come off over a few weeks in a healthy way.

Also, when you are looking at what you eat taking in large amounts of sodium and sugar is not good at all. Sodium can make you feel bloated and tired and sugar will become fat. You want to have a good amount of protein in your diet and you do need some fat, but avoid as much sugar as you can.

The other part of the best way to lose weight is to exercise. This is a great way to offset some of the calories you put in your body every day. If you currently are not exercising try to add 10 minutes of aerobic exercise into your daily routine 4 to 5 times a week. Increase this time by 5 minutes every week until you reach 30 minutes a day 4 to 5 times a week.

This can be swimming, running, jogging, a brisk walk, or anything that gets your heart rate up. If you do this you will lose weight faster and you will be able to burn more calories over time than if you don’t exercise at all. For those that are currently exercising increase your exercise a little each week to burn more calories.

Supplements to Help With the Best Way to Lose Weight

Many people get it mistaken and they believe a weight loss supplement is all they need. This is a myth and they always say on the commercials and packaging that diet and exercise are important. The supplement is an aid to help speed up the process and make it easier to shed the weight you are trying to get rid of. Here are two supplements that work great with diet and exercise.

Caralluma Actives – Caralluma has been used for years to aid in weight loss. It is a 100% natural appetite suppressant without any caffeine. This is a great way to aid your body in shedding the unwanted pounds you currently have.

Acai Berry Actives – Another choice is to take an Acai Berry supplement. This will help to increase your metabolism and your fat oxidation. Another great benefit from Acai Berry is the increase in energy. Combining this supplement with a good exercise routine and diet can help you get rid of the fat for good and get the body you have always wanted.

The unfortunate part about these two supplements is they are not readily available in your department store or drug store. Sure there are some Acai Berry supplements, but they are never a high enough concentration to actually give you the full benefit. However, you can pick them both up online.

It is not recommended that you add both supplements in with the best way to lose weight, but you can pick one or the other to add. If you are interested in Caralluma Actives you can read a full product review here: Caralluma Active Review

If you prefer to discover more about the benefits of Acai Berry, then you can read a full product review here: Acai Berry Actives

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